Prudential Project HR Solutions

Prudential Project HR Solutions provides comprehensive solutions for Project HR Recruitment, HR Development and HR Management for your project success  during any or all stage of project life-cycle and as per organizational and project’s requirements. Our Project HR Solutions are as Follows:

Project HR Recruitment Solutions
(Executive Search, Headhunting & Recruitment)

We strive to provide you not only candidates but the highest quality candidates because the quality of your final hiring can be no better than the quality of applicant pool from which they are selected. We have expertise in our domain and have hands-on experience in filtering out the ideal candidates that can contribute in your project & organizational success.

Project HR Development Solutions
(Organizational Development /Capacity Building).

Prudential Project HR Development Solutions improve the capacity of organizations and project resources in a sustainable fashion, by resolving the shortage of professional knowledge, skills and competencies in resources through personalized Mentoring & Coaching that ensure project success as per organizational and project requirements at any or all stages of project life cycle through seminars, workshops, boot camps & trainings.

Project HR Outsourcing Solutions 
(Contracting & Outsourcing).

We have the know-how to provide project outsourcing solutions that can offer greater budget flexibility and control. Our solutions will give you access to more knowledge, talent and experience, while contributing to your project and organizational success. We focus on deploying the right team to deliver successful project and business results.


Whom We Recruit, Develop Capacity Building & Outsource:

Project Manager, IT Project Manager, Software Development Manager, Manager PMO,  IT Security Manager, IT Auditor, Manager MIS, Construction Manager, QA Manager, Business Analyst, System Analyst, Technical IT Resources & any other specialized resource person for project within the domain of Project Management, Business Analysis and IT Management.



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