5 Problems Every Project Manager Faces

Five Problems every Project Manager faces… and How to Solve them

Managing projects comes with its own set of unique challenges. Seasoned project managers have all faced these issues in one way or another. The correct approach towards planning and monitoring can make the difference between a successful or failed project.

Outlined below are some of the most commonplace problems faced by project managers on a daily basis as well as some insight into solving them.


Keeping Teams on the Same Page:team building

Managing teams of people, especially when teams are spread out all over the company, is quite difficult. Coordination issues occur commonly, and communication channels can get overwhelmed.

To tackle this, the entire team should be involved in client conversations, and each team member should be aware of the work being done by other team members. A schedule should be established and followed rigorously, and stages should have continuous updates that are occurring for every team member. Agile’s Road-map follows similar directives and are explained in detail here.

Poorly Defined Objectives:

An integral part of any project is to properly outline any goals in the initial stages. Then later on, even if the project faces challenges like scheduling or budgetary constraints, the team can take it in stride and simply adjust themselves accordingly. Defining your end goals can also help in outlining your objectives more clearly. This can help in breaking down steps to achieve each individual objective, slowly building your way up to actual goals.


Unrealistic Deadlines:time management

Trying to accomplish too much in a short amount of time can be burdensome for team members. It can result in demotivated people when goals are not reached in a timely manner. Any concerns regarding deadlines should be discussed at length with clients and team members. By ensuring all people are on the same page, you can move forward to accomplishing your objectives.

Insufficient Team Skills:

Sometimes, team members are decided on the basis of their availability rather than their skill set. So, before a project has begun it’s vital that you note down all the core skills required to finish it. The strengths and weaknesses of the team should be observed. If any shortfalls are present, training to cover those skill-gaps should be conducted.


Risk Management:risk management

It is not uncommon for projects to deviate from their deadlines as new challenges appear. Anticipating this, project managers should strategically plan and create detailed guidelines to reduce the rate of risk for any project.



Identifying these issues is almost as important as solving them; it is only after a thorough introspection can these problems be tackled. In order to gain more insight into becoming an effective project manager read here.


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