Mentoring Programs Lead to Enterprise Success

Why Coaching and Mentoring Programs are Essential for Enterprise Success

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 
Benjamin Franklin

In an ever rapidly growing, fast paced changing world of work, which has witnessed the demise of the once aspired to, ‘job for life,’  partnering yourself with a Mentor(s) throughout your working life is a valuable proposition and can be a real asset to your career development. 

Coaching and Mentoring Programs for organisational success

Mentoring programs help professionals grow, develop, and learn new skills under the direction and advice of a seasoned expert. Organisations implement mentoring programs to align the goals of the company with the professional development of its employees.

Company Culture

A coach or mentor can help a new employee adjust to the culture in an organisation. Young professionals may not be accustomed to an organisation’s practices and behaviors. The coach can provide the new worker with information on the corporate culture, organisational structure and procedures that will help the younger professional settle into his role in the business. Companies can assign a mentor or coach to new employees during the adjustment period to help them get up to speed on company procedures and policies. Mentoring also provides the worker with a leader he can turn to with questions.

Employee Growth and Development

Coaching and mentoring programs provide the mentee with real-world knowledge that bridges the gap between educational theory and actual business practices. Mentors also grow in a mentoring position by honing leadership skills and remaining in touch with other professionals. In an ideal coaching relationship, both parties learn from one another.

Professional Satisfaction

Mentoring programs help new employees adjust to the organisational structure and culture, which helps the business by bringing new hires up to speed. Those serving as coaches and mentors within an organization gain personal and professional satisfaction by sharing their expertise with other employees.

Employee Morale

Mentoring generally helps boost employee morale and engagement, experts say. “From increased morale to increased organisational productivity and career development, the benefits of an organisation that actively supports mentoring are numerous,” according to a report by U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

A supportive atmosphere can improve employee morale and loyalty, thereby helping to reduce turnover and boost productivity. High employee turnover costs organisations money in the form of recruitment hiring and training of replacements. Companies should weigh the costs of implementing a mentoring program against the high cost of employee turnover to determine the benefits of coaching and mentoring.

Organisational Goals

Companies can align the goals of the business with a mentoring program to gain a competitive edge. For example, the mentoring program can target new employees in product development when the goal of the organization is to bring new products to the market. Developing employees in weak areas of the company can also benefit the business’s organizational goals.

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