The Importance of an Agile Road-map

A road-map may be the most intuitive, simple step, yet it is perhaps the most vital of the steps in the Agile process. A road-map, simply stated, is the how-to on reaching the end product set to be created in a project. It includes all the major benchmarks of the project so any progress being made can be fully gauged.

Importance of a Road-map:Agile Road-map

  1. A road-map’s main aim is to accomplish one of the core values of the Agile methodology: Transparency. If road-maps are done correctly, then all concerned stakeholders are aware of changes to the project in real-time. This transparency helps outline which parts of the project are going according to plan and which are in fluctuation.

2. Frequent communication is suggested by sharing your road-map online with the entire project management team. Progress made by any team member should be added to the road-map in real-time so that all members of the team can see the steps being taken to accomplish the end product. This technique bypasses a lot of old road blocks and drastically decreases the probability of crossed wires which happens often, especially in large scale projects.

3. Agile road-maps greatly facilitate planning all activities required to achieve the final deliverable. The making of an Agile road-map forces team members to think outside the box and become more innovative in order to keep up with the current project’s process. This helps the team to remain flexible and to adapt to fast-paced changes that keep occurring during the course of an ongoing project.

4. An agile product road-map serves as a navigation tool for the entire team. The team is aware of all the goals that are high priority and put their focus on more important tasks first, moving on to less important tasks later.

You can find more details about how to make an Agile Road-map here.

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