Creating an Effective Leadership Program

Creating a Successful Leadership Development Program
For Organizational Success



Human capital is perhaps the most important aspect of any organisation, and it holds the power to make or break a company. The importance of leadership development programs in helping organisations stay on level or even surpass their competitors in the market is undeniable. These programs aren’t just for the new entrants in the markets, but also for organisations that have been around for a very long time. It is important to keep in mind the diversity present in terms of demand for LDPs’ and to let go of the notion that ‘One size fits all’.

The creation of an effective leadership program is the main focus of this article, and listed below are some crucial things to keep in mind before you either create or enrol in a Leadership Development Program.

Identify your Company’s Leadership Needs

Before drawing up a plan, the first thing to look into is to recognise the needs of the organisation in a way that fulfills their own requirements. Is the company about to lose some of its senior officials? If so, what were the best Leadership traits they possessed, and would you like future workers to emulate those traits? Other things to take note of are the long-term or short-term goals of the company, and what traits would help improve the organisation’s profile.

A thorough corporate training needs assessment is required to help you fully understand where your organisation is lagging in and needs support.

Find the Best Instructors

Instructors should be chosen carefully, keeping in mind their previous experiences, expertise level, as well as track record with other programs. This can make it easier for the participants to get behind someone who has been cleared by the organisation and can, in turn, inspire confidence in the impact of the program itself.

Focus on Development, not Training

Leaders are nurtured, not manufactured. When developing a Leadership Program, the organisation should lay emphasis on how participants can be placed in situations which requires thinking on their feet, and showcasing other leadership qualities. Their integration into the organisational values should also be taken into account. This can be done by encouraging collaboration with other colleagues on special projects and requiring participants to explore areas that used to be out of their comfort zone.

Recognise Potential

Leadership Programs should not zero in on just those employees who have demonstrated a good work performance. Rather, the company should look for potential in less obvious places, to fully utilise the best talent the company has. Perhaps a fresh hire shows promising qualities, or maybe someone who has had a steady, albeit unremarkable, career path at the organisation.

Use Blended Learning Techniques

Leadership Development Programs, like any other learning opportunity, has its doors open for a diverse range of employees, many who have different approaches or techniques towards learning and retaining information. In light of this, the program should have a variety of teaching tools like written materials, e-learning, a well as a hands-on approach.

Quantify your Results

Results of these programs should be taken into careful consideration, noting aspects of the programs like number of employees; promotion of participants after program completion; peer reviews, and employee’s leadership responsibilities.  Participants should also be encouraged to look into the inner workings of the company such that they are aware of the organisational structures and other things of note.

Focus on Program Retention

One strategy can be to compensate promising participants even after the program has reached completion. This can be done through several avenues, such as face-to-face meetings to check up on any progress they are making, and to ensure that they are satisfied with their current career path. This can also keep a check on how invested they are in the organisation.

In order to fully utilise the pool of potential present within your company, an effective leadership program is a must. For help in constructing a tailor made training program, get in touch with us at

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