The 7 Qualities of Highly Effective Project Managers

The 7 Qualities of Highly Effective Project Managers

Project managers tend to have their unique perspectives on how to run a particular project. Some of them may have excelled while others might have left a bad impression on us. The things that all good project managers have in common are in fact, not their go-to tools but rather, it is the attitudes that they have and maintain throughout their professional life. Here are just 7 Qualities of Highly Effective Project Managers which is the most vital for project & enterprise success:

1. Good Communicator:Project Manager skills

This quality was listed as the first because being a good communicator is the core of any exceptional management team. Not only does the communication keep the team on track to finish their project without any crossed wires. But also, acts as an important linkage to the rest of the organisation. This makes keeping the project in line with the organisation’s requirements much easier.


2. Team Building:

Leading and managing a team to get the best out of each individual are best qualities of a good project manager. Taking the team along with you through every step of the project while managing to not alienate any team member will help any project manager rise through the ranks as an effective leader.


Project Manager3. Problem Solving Skills:

Throughout the duration of any project, there can be many speed-bumps, both anticipated and unanticipated. The ability of a project manager to roll with the punches and react to unprecedented situations can determine the success or failure of any project.


4. Empathy:

Similar to the point above, empathising with your team and realising that they all exist outside of the work-space and have their own personal lives going on can go a long way into establishing foundations built on trust with your team members.


Project Manager5. Good Negotiator:

A project manager should have this skill at the forefront of their mind. Being a good negotiator involves sticking to your guns when necessary but also keeping an open mind and relenting to suggestions that can help improve the project as a whole.



6. Ability to Delegate Tasks:

A good project manager should have perfected the middle ground of task delegation. This means not over-burdening yourself with the entirety of the task or, on the other extreme, micro-managing all the smallest tasks you have set for the other team members.

7. Technical Expertise:

Technical expertise is something that can be learnt through the appropriate work experiences. This is something that even bad project managers have. This means that although you can have a high technical expertise, it can amount to nothing if you don’t factor in the 6 other qualities mentioned above.


In short, an empathetic leader will be more likely to inspire their team-mates instead of an ‘All-Knowing’ Dictator. This thinking can greatly improve your standing with your team, and ultimately make projects easier and even enjoyable for all parties involved.


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