Make your PMP Exam Experience Stress Free

Make your PMP Exam Experience Stress Free


PMP Exam

The PMP exam is said to be among the toughest certifications of its kind. The exam spans 4 hours and requires you to answer 200 questions. Retaining information and subsequently being able to properly attempt the paper is a challenge on its own.

Here are some tips that can improve your exam experience:

1. Have the right mindset:

The first step to take any certification exam is to understand why you want to do it in the first place. By focusing on your biggest motivators and thinking positively, you can begin your road down getting your PMP certification in the right way.

So, take some time out to understand why getting certified is so important to you. Keep in mind, that the certification requires a high level of commitment, which you will need throughout your preparation.

2. Pick your test date:

Whether officially, or just tentatively deciding on a date to take the PMP certification, you can mentally prepare yourself for the test. By picking a date and moving backwards, you can create a study plan that can effectively cover all the topics you plan to study.

Although this may seem like such a simple concept, it is vital in helping you successfully prepare for the tough PMP exam.


3. Pick your study resources:

After deciding on your final date to take the exam, your next step should be to pick the study resources that best suit your studying styles and learning methods. After you are done picking study resources you should plan out in detail the way you will make your way through them.

This will help you track your progress as you prepare for the exam.

4. Time Management:

The skill that will help you the most while taking the test is time management. Be prepared to sit for four hours for the test and increase your test taking stamina by taking timed sample tests/sample questions. After your exam preparation reaches a certain point, take timed Mock exams.


5. Consistency in Studying:

By setting aside some time daily for your studies, you can learn more each day, and gain momentum that can keep you motivated over the course of your entire preparation schedule.

The difference between working harder and working smarter is that you can accomplish more in less time. So, be very precise in your daily study goals, be it one hour daily or two hours, you must be consistent.


6. The day before the exam:

Don’t overburden yourself to go through the entirety of your study materials. Instead, focus on the notes you have made over the course of your studies. Be sure to relax and watch a movie to be fresher in the morning. Remember to get a good night’s rest before the exam. This will help you improve your stamina on the test day.



The PMP exam is notorious for its level of difficulty. Even though the exam is difficult, its qualification is something that is recognised throughout the industry. To find out more about the advantages of a PMP certification, read this.

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