Planning the Perfect Outbound Training

Planning the Perfect Outbound Training Program

Perfect outbound training program

Outbound training, although relatively new, is quickly gaining popularity as a corporate training tool. The learning and tangible results it showcases time and again are great indicators for the success of such programs.

If you’re planning an Outbound Training Program at any time you should focus on the following tips:

Clear Learning Objectives

Before the advent of the trip, your first question should always be about what you are looking to achieve. Is the trip meant purely as a morale boost, or is it supposed to be about team-work, collaboration and coordination with other employees? Is it about developing leadership skills or working on conflict resolution?

You should seek help from senior employees or business heads to help you figure out what the exact requirements for the trip may be. You can even discuss what they think the best way would be to work on the achieving the training goals in question.


Picking a location is paramount for the success of your project. The locations need to be picked in such a way that they are in line with meeting your end goals. For instance, if for team building you wish to take employees out for camping, then going to a luxury resort may not be the best way to achieve that.

Choosing a Teaching Consultant

Picking someone that can help your employees really get involved in the training process should be vital for your program. Things you should check up on before training should include:

  • Is the organiser certified and well qualified?
  • Do they have work experience with other companies in the industry?
  • Can referrals from reliable sources be provided who can vouch for the quality of their work?
  • Can the planned activities be adjusted according to group size without compromising on quality?

Prudential Solutions will help you find a consultant that checks all of these boxes and who can work well with your team to give the best results.

Choosing an Organiser

Another vital decision that can make or break your training program, should be to pick an organiser that has ample experience. They should also be well-informed about the learning objectives along with the desired outcomes to achieve the best result.
Prudential Solutions will ensure to keep clear communication channels throughout the planning phase of the training portion.

Communicating with the Participants

Participating employees should be involved before the training session and should be informed about the specific training objectives of the program in question. It is perfectly alright to tell the employees about the agenda of the training sessions. Teams should approach the program with an open-minded attitude and be ready to go through some experiential learning.

Measuring Performance

Setting up of realistic benchmarks can ensure that you’re not biting off more than you can chew. Your teaching consultant should help you compile and quantify any progress that they see during the training activities. All of this feedback should be given to you at an appropriate time.

Try to be a part of the reflection session and if you’re not a part of the program make sure that a senior member is. They can also help understand what the main aims of the session were and whether they think they were accomplished or not.

Follow Up

It is important to remember that a single trip is not a cure-all for all issues. Behavioral changes take time so be prepared to follow up the trip with regular assessments and feedback sessions.

We, at Prudential Solutions, aim to provide you with the best Outbound Training Programs Pakistan can offer. If you have any training needs or other queries in mind, feel free to get in touch with us at








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