HR Technology (HRIS) Enablement Advisory

Embrace Digital HR for Business Transformation through HR Technology & Best HR Practices

Prudential HR Technology (HRIS) Enablement Advisory

Embrace Digital HR – Business Transformation Though HR Technology (HRIS/HRMIS/HCM)

Prudential Digital HR (HRIS / HRMS / HCM) – HR Technology Enablement Advisory helps organizations to Select, Implement and Adopt the right HR systems that fulfil their business needs – We provide Prudent HRIS Solutions  that suits and fit within your organization to achieve your business goals.

We believe that the HR function contributes significantly towards building a successful organization, Embrace Digital HR by Transformation your internal HR Functions through right HR Technology. Digital HR Technology solutions typically includes from employee data management to payroll, recruitment, training & development, talent management, benefits,  compensation, employee timesheet,  employee engagement,  employees performance management, workflow management, reporting & other functions.

We are dedicated success partner of our clients and assist their organization with prudent solutions that attracts, sustains and inspires human & organizational excellence. We help organization to select, implement, customize and adopt HR Technology Solution (HRIS/HRMS/HCM) – Commercial or Open Source according to their business requirements  .

Embrace Digital HR for Business Transformation by Streamlining and Automating your company’s HR Processes with the right HRIS System.

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Our HR Technology Solutions Advisory

Commercial HRIS Systems (Off-The Shelf)

Prudential HR Technology Advisory helps Enterprises, SMEs, Projectized Organizations and Startups to Select the Commercial HRIS system to meet their HR Department needs and align with their Strategic Business Goals.

Open Source HRIS / HCM Solutions

We help organization to Select, Deploy, Customize and Adopt the Open Source HRIS software  that allows organizations to freely modify a work, use said work in new ways, integrate the work into their others company projects AT ZERO COST

Customized In-house HRIS Development

We help organizations to develop an HR solution In-house from scratch to meet the specific need of the organization. We align the right team to build the HRIS system on-site or Off-Site along with business process re-engineering to achieve maximum advantage.

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  • Commercial HRIS Solutions
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