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The PMP exam is intended for project managers. As the project management domain continuously evolves, the role of project managers have changed significantly enough to change the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam outline. PMP exam changes reflect the industry’s latest practices and in so doing, they help project managers get the skills and knowledge they need in today’s advanced project environment.

PMI continues to research any progress and changes in the project management domain, along with its impact of latest trends. The most recent round of research has been conducted this year, which lead to the current PMP Exam Changes.

The PMP exam changes will come in effect starting from the 1st July, 2020. The current exam will remain valid until 30th June, 2020 after which, candidates must prepare for the new exam.

You can also check PMI’s official announcement regarding PMP exam changes here – https://www.pmi.org/certifications/types/project-management-pmp/exam-prep/changes

What are the New PMP Exam Changes?

The PMP exam content outline has been reduced from five domains to three. These are:

  • People –involves the skills and activities required to lead a project team effectively
  • Process –focuses on the technical aspects of managing a project
  • Business Environment specifics the connection between projects and organization strategy

A specific domain area will not be focused on an approach. Instead, all three domain areas will be focused on keeping in mind the predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches. The new PMP exam content outline gives you a framework of what you can expect in the new exam.

Check out the table below to understand the percentage of each domain in the new PMP exam:

New PMP Exam Outline

Domain I. People42%
Domain II. Process50%
Domain III. Business Environment8%

What is the Current PMP Exam?

As per the last PMP exam changes made in 2015, the exam currently consists of five domains. These 5 domains include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling. These showcase various stages of the project lifecycle and in each domain, there are some predefined tasks. The current PMP exam checks the competency of a candidate with regards to the tasks in each domain, along with their skills and knowledge.

The table below provides a detailed look into domain names and their percentages in the exam:

Current PMP Exam Outline

Domain I. Initiating13%
Domain II. Planning24%
Domain III. Executing31%
Domain IV. Monitoring and Controlling25%
Domain V. Closing7%

When will the PMP Exam Changes Come into Effect?

The new PMP exam changes have been announced by the PMI (Project Management Institute). But the changes will not come into effect immediately. The current version of the PMP exam will remain valid until 30th June, 2020.

There are 2 important dates to remember at this moment:

30th June, 2020 – The last day to take the current PMP exam

1st July, 2020 – The first day to take the new PMP exam

Current PMP Exam vs New PMP Exam

If we compare the current version of the PMP exam with the newer version, we can see a considerable difference. The most obvious change is the reduction in domains from 5 to 3. However, the new PMP exam will have tasks under each domain just like the current PMP exam.

In the new PMP exam content outline, there are a new term “enablers”. Let’s understand, what are the domains, tasks, and enablers as per new PMP exam changes.

Domain – it’s the high-level knowledge area that is required for the project management practice.

Tasks – The responsibilities of a project manager in each domain area.

Enablers – Illustrative examples of the work that is associated with the task.

Consider the difference between the current and new PMP exam i.e. Current PMP Exam vs New PMP Exam.

Current PMP Exam vs New PMP Exam

Points of DifferenceCurrent PMP ExamNew PMP Exam

Looking at the table, it may seem that the new PMP exam has resulted in fewer exam objectives so the exam is smaller. However, you will still have to refer to the PMBOK 6 for the new and current PMP exam. What has changed in the new PMP exam is how PMI will access the exam takers in the PMP certification exam.

Here is the example of new task structure –

Check the new PMP Exam Outline here that will be effective from 1st July, 2020

PMP Exam Preparation

PMP Exam Changes 2020: What’s the next?

If you are planning to take the PMP exam before 30th June, 2020, you should follow the current exam outline. You can also refer to our PMP prep bootcamp for your PMP exam preparation. In case your plan is to take the PMP exam after 30th June, 2020, then we will keep you updated on our progress to help you prepare for the new PMP exam outline.

For any further queries, refer to trainings@www.prudsol.com

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