Why you need to be PMP® certified

PMP Certification

Why you need to be PMP® Certified

The PMP certification is designed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) keeping in mind the best project management techniques that can help propel you into a completely new arena of project management.

The first question asked by any professional seeking to take this certification is usually why the PMP certification is something they should go for, and whether going through all this trouble is actually ‘worth it’.

Let us take a look into the most compelling arguments that can emphasise the need for getting PMP certified:

  • Ease of getting a job increases:

The PMP certification is one that is internationally recognised. As such, it helps to make your professional profile more appealing to recruiters. Many people have indicated that they were passed over for jobs in favour of those people who were PMP certified.

  • You can improve your Area of Specialisation:

If you choose to specialise in Project Management, then although your options will be narrower than before, your area of specialisation will improve the chances of a job opportunity in your required field.

  • Salary and Compensation Increases:

People who are PMP certified are known to be earning 23% more than their non-certified counterparts. This can, in turn, be your bargaining tool to ask for an increase in compensation at the workplace.

  • Increases your Community Knowledge:

A certification like PMP necessitates knowledge sharing, visiting workshops, and volunteering.  This helps you earn points that aid you in retaining your certification.

  • Broader Understanding of Project Management:

The PMP certification requires that you be both ‘book-smart’ and have relevant work experience to be eligible for the exam. This means that those who opt for the PMP certification appear to employers as more well-rounded project managers.

A PMP certification is among the most challenging of Professional Certifications. This may seem discouraging, but passing this can lend you industry-wide credibility like no other. Getting a PMP certification is the new normal in the project management industry and working towards achieving it can help move your career upwards significantly. If you decide to get certified, then find some insight on how to prepare for your PMP exam the best possible way.

Prudential Solutions has conducted PMP training sessions with 200 batches of aspiring project managers. Our upcoming training sessions are outlined here.



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