Getting Recertified for CBAP

CBAP CDU ReCertification

The CBAP certification is a Business Analysis certification that can project your career into new avenues. It was established by the IIBA to bring the vast number of professional Business Analysts under one umbrella, thus standardizing the career further.

The certification has an expiry date, however, which is 3 years after you have passed your CBAP exam. The recertification process is brought into play as the industry, much like the IT industry, is continuously evolving at a fast pace.

Categories for earning CDUs:

You will be reminded to get re-certified, ninety days before your certification expires. The recertification itself is divided into several sections, each with their own Continuing Development Units (CDU).

Category CDU Activity Activity Value
1 Formal Academic Education Maximum 30 CDUs per 3-year cycle
2 Professional Development Maximum 30 CDUs per 3-year cycle
3 Professional Activities Maximum 30 CDUs per 3-year cycle
4 Self- Directed Learning Maximum 15 CDUs per 3-year cycle
5 Volunteer Service Maximum 30 CDUs per 3-year cycle
6 Professional Experience Maximum 25 CDUs per 3-year cycle


Keep in mind, there are no minimum requirements for the number of CDUs earned in specific categories, but there are maximum values that are outlined above. Candidates are not required to report CDUs in all categories but they must report CDUs in more than one category. For a three-year time period, you must earn a minimum of 60 CDUs.

What do you do after completing your CDU requirement?

Once the above activities are complete, you still need to follow some processes to complete the re-certification formalities:

  1. Complete the CBAP CDU Reporting Form
  2. Complete the CBAP Re-certification Application form, attaching your completed CDU reporting form to it
  3. Pay $85 for members / $120 non-members towards re-certification – To be paid by the candidate

You should make use of the IIBA recertification guideline and handbook.

IIBA must receive the CBAP recipient’s re-certification application package including payment by their certification expiration date. If re-certification is declined for any reason, the IIBA shall send a decline notice.

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